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Landscape Lighting

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting increases safety, security, and ambiance.  It should emphasize function, fun, and safety.

Landscape Lighting Monmouth County NJ

Outdoor Safety Lighting

Safety should be the first thing you consider when planning your landscape lighting.   Look at lighting the steps and paths and pay special attention to where the shadows will fall. Light from the side or from below to make sure shadows don’t obscure vision. On the steps, use eyebrow or niche lights because they enhance safety and look great. Pilaster lights are a good option too, but are often overdone.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Once safety is addressed, consider security. Look for places where people could hide.  Not only does lighting deter crime, it creates a feeling of comfort for guests as well. Dark pockets in a yard can present an undertone of fear, whereas a well-lit landscape provides a more relaxing environment. How you feel about a space can be just as important as how it looks.

Landscape lighting can enhance security even after everyone has gone to bed. Many lighting systems offer the option of an inexpensive timer that includes an override system operated by remote control. A small remote can be kept by the bed stand so that if you hear a critter in your yard or someone walking across the lawn, you can turn on your landscape lights right from your bed. Or, a simple motion sensor turns the lights on if someone is near.  Instant “on” lighting can send a prowler running for the hills!

Landscape Lighting Monmouth County NJ

Landscape lighting improves the appearance of your home at night in addition to making you and guests feel “right at home”.  Consider adding exterior landscape lighting to improve the appearance of your outdoor space.

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