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Residential Electric Services from MMElectric –Servicing Ocean and Monmouth County New Jersey

MMElectric has been providing quality and affordable residential electrical services for families in the central New Jersey area for over 10 years. Our electricians, and electrical contractors, are fully licensed and insured to performa wide variety of residential electrical services. We focus on providing friendly customer service, and we are not satisfied unless you are!

Residential Repairs

  • Flickering lights:This is a common issue in homes. They can be the result of faulty wiring, poor quality switches, or problems with the electrical panel. Flickering lights can be difficult to troubleshoot. The best way to find the cause of flickering lights is to have a professionally licensed electrician take a look.
  • Outlets and switches not working:Dead outlets, and broken switches are a frustrating problem many homeowners, whether they own a new home or an old one, will experience. Outlets need to be routinely tested (even the ones that are not often used) in order to make sure they are functioning correctly. If the outlet or switch isn’t completely dead, but it feels hot to the touch, that can be a sign of serious electrical issues that need to be addressed. Old or damaged outlets should also be replaced to avoid further electrical system issues.
  • Wiring issues:Residential Wiring can become damaged through normal wear and tear, or due to misuse, such as plugging in to many things into one outlet. Wiring can also become exposed, causing a significant safety hazard. MMElectirc can handle all residential wiring services, from simple repairs to complete rewiring, we can help solve all your home’s wiring issues!

Residential Upgrades

  • Upgrading a residential electrical system: It is quite common forolder homes to have wiring issues, or they may not be set up to handle the power needs of a modern home. The performance of an older home’s electrical system can be improved by replacing old wiring and outdated materials. You may even need an entirely new electric panel or have a thorough rewiring done.
  • Renovating and remodeling: MMElectric can help enhance your home in a variety of ways. There’s nothing quite like accent lights and dimmer switches to help create the right atmosphere in your home. Have kids that love technology? Ask us about new upgrades like installing USB plugins, or helping you set up that cool new entertainment system. MMElectric can help make your home the best place to be in New Jersey!

Residential electrical installations

  • Residential Lighting:Enhance your home with new lighting fixtures. There are a variety of different lighting options for home- both indoor and outdoor- that can help bring out your home’s beauty and style. New light fixtures can also make your home comfortable and help to increase mood and productivity.
  • Pool system installations:Not all electricians are equipped to handle pool service but, MMElectric is! We can install pools, spas, hot tubs and also pool lighting systems.We can also help install additional features to your existing pool or spa, like lights and outdoor entertainment systems. Pool systems also need to be set up with safety in mind since they involve electrical components being set up in/near water.
  • Appliance installation:Home appliances like dishwashers and AC units are powerful pieces of equipment that are capable of consuming large amounts of energy.If they are incorrectly installed, they may not function properly, or they may even pose a fire hazard to your home. Make sure those expensive new appliances are installed right the first time by having all your major electrical appliances installed by a professionally licensed electrician.

MMElectric is committed to quality residential electrical services!

Our commitment to quality electrical services has been noticed by our New Jersey neighbors. In addition to being fully licensed (lic #15950) and insured we are proud to say we have the received the following awards and recognitions:

Pulse of the City Award for Excellence in Customer Service– We have won every year for the past 10 years including the most recent year. Thank you New Jersey!

Best of New Jersey Award of ExcellenceStivale D’Italia – This award is given by The New Jersey Business & Industry Association to those who have achieved excellence in business and community services to New Jersey. We are proud to provide our neighbors quality work!

BBB A+ Accredited Business – At MMElectric, we perform all our work with integrity. Our A+ Accreditation form the Better Business Bureau means you can count on us for reliable electrical services!

National Fire Protection Assoc. recognition– This recognition means the National Fire Protection Association has determined that MMElectricofficially follows all the guidelines and regulations currently in place for fire safety and prevention. We are committed to keeping New Jersey safe!

Our licensed electricians are trained to solve a large number of electrical problems. With MMElectric there’s no need to look around for different electrical contractors. We are locally owned, and can assist with all your home’s electrical needs!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

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What areas of New Jersey does MMElectric service?

We service all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties including Wall, NJ • Brick, NJ • Spring Lake, NJ • Brielle, NJ • Jackson, NJ • Avon, NJ • Oakhurst, NJ • Freehold, NJ • Toms River, NJ • Asbury Park, NJ • Belmar, NJ • Central New Jersey