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Garage Safety

Garages are commonly another pathway into your home. Therefore, it is important to treat the safety of garages just as seriously as the front entry of your home. There are simple ways and elements to add to your garage to add the safety every home deserves.

#1 Garage Lights & Motion Sensors

Garage lights not only add extra decor to the outside of your home, but these lights also act as safety passages for cars and people as well. A popular choice of garage lights are motion sensor garage lights for indoor and outdoor the garage. With this feature, the lights will be triggered on at the motion of a car or person to be turned on. As for the inside of the garage, separate lights will be turned on inside to help guide inside motion. There are many models of motion sensor lights that come with cameras, which is an extra safety feature that you will be able to monitor from inside your home or even your cell phone.

#2 Update Garage Doors

Older garage doors seem to be the most dangerous, mainly because they have springs to make opening the doors manually easier for us. In that case, it is important to use the right tools to keep up the safety of those garages or update to an electric garage door. Modern garage doors often are now electric, by a sensor or a keypad. The keypad comes in handy if you were to be locked out of the house, you would have access to the inside by the correct code.

Keep in mind: Many times we store extra storage and different accessories in our garages. With new technology coming out each year to improve garages, it is important to keep any flammable objects away from any of the electrical components!

There are many new modern options to update garage doors and lights to increase the safety of your home. With the many options of electric garage doors, it is important to research and ask as many questions as possible.

MM Electrics, LLC is able to answer any questions about any wiring issues or electrical repairs and updates. Call 732- 749-3596 to find out more information!

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