Commercial Electrician Services NJ

Commercial Electrician Services

Electrical services for businesses in Central NJ including Monmouth & Ocean County

If you own or manage a business in the central New Jersey area and need help with any part of your electrical system, whether it be commercial repairs, upgrades, or inspections MM Electric can help. MM Electric LLC is independently owned and located right here in Wall Township, New Jersey. Our fully licensed and insured commercial electrical contractors are equipped and trained to handle the electrical needs of a business or corporation. Don’t trust your valuable business investments in the hands of an unlicensed contractor. Pick a locally owned and fully licensed commercial electrician that you can trust.

Why businesses need to be extra careful when selecting an electrician.

The fact of the matter is, is that everyone, whether they own a home or business, should use a licensed commercial electrical contractor instead of trying to fix issues on their own, or hiring a jack of all trades handyman. Electrical systems are simply too complicated, and the risks involved are too high to take any chances. For business this is especially true because of the regulations and liabilities involved. An incorrectly wired system like an electrical panel can mean a business could fail a safety inspection and have to pay costly fines or even be shut down. The best way a commercial property can avoid this is to do their homework and make sure to only work with qualified professionals with the proper credentials and training.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an commercial electrician for your business

  • What it means for an electrician to be licensed in the state of New Jersey. Licensing guidelines and procedures are maintained through the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, which operates through the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. An electrician that is licensed has been officially approved to perform electrical services in the state of New Jersey. That means they have met certain qualifications and passed the required tests to obtain the license. In the state of New Jersey a licensed electrician must have 5 years of hands on experience before even beginning the licensing process. In addition an electrician will also have to follow all safety and regulatory guidelines in order to keep and renew their license. This is important because most of these guidelines relate to safety procedures and safety codes. A licensed electrician will have a license number. In the case of MM Electric LLC that number is LLC # 15950.
  • What it means for an electrician to be insured. Part of maintaining an electrician license means the electrician is insured. That means that the electrician is covered by an insurance company for financial liabilities that may occur on the job. So if any accidental damage is done to your property by an electrician, it is covered by this insurance. It also protects the commercial electricians themselves in case they get injured on the job.
  • Businesses must comply with fire safety codes. Fire safety codes are there to make sure the right precautions are being taken to minimize the risk of fires to a property. There is a national organization called the National Fire Protection Association that develops these codes and standards. Compliance of these codes and regulations are what fire safety inspectors look for. Not complying with these codes could lead a business to penalties, fines and even closure. A licensed electrician can perform an inspection to make sure everything is up to code, do maintenance to make sure it stays up to code, and make repairs if anything needs to be fixed to comply. Electrical fires are the number one cause of fires for most properties. Note that MM Electric LLC is officially recognized by the NFPA to comply with safe electrical practices and meet their standards of safety compliance.

Commercial Electrician services offered by MM Electric

  • Inspection- Make sure your business is safe and up to code. MM Electric will carefully inspect your business’s electrical system to make sure all proper safety guidelines are being followed.
  • Renovation & Redesign- We have helped business renovate their entire property. Read about some of our business renovation work here
  • Installations– From new appliances, outlets, switches or more MM Electric can make sure the installation is right the first time.
  • Lighting-Enhance your property and thrill your customers with accent lights, decorative lights and more.
  • Rewiring-Lights not working? Switches in active? Have exposed wiring? Protect your business by fixing all faulty wiring issues and take care of wiring problems before they get worse.
  • Repairs- Businesses can experience a lot of wear and tear from the flow of customers and frequent updating most businesses experience. MM Electric LLC can handle a wide range of electrical repairs for your business!
  • Energy Efficiency- Business electrical bills tend to be high. But they don’t have to drain your profits. Find out ways to be more energy efficiency or spot issues that are causing a high electrical bill by contacting MM Electric.
  • Business Security System – Keep your business safe! From alarms to security cameras, surveillance systems and more MM Electric can help secure your business!

MM Electric provides commercial electrician services for the following types of businesses

Restaurants *Bars * Retail Stores * Coffee Shops* Cafes* Malls* Barber Shops & Hair Salons* Boutiques* Gyms* & More in Monmouth & Ocean County New Jersey.